Highlights from 2017

Focusing on my mixed media work in the beginning of the year I created two pieces inspired by the wonderful agricultural community in Western Massachusetts.  These two unique paintings are on display at Corsello Butcheria to welcome this great new business to the neighborhood.

In the studio...

After a summer in the garden and on the trails I was inspired to create a new series of work that reflects my passion for nature in all it’s amazing depth and wonder.  This new work gives me the ability to combine all the art forms I enjoy. After taking photographs while I’m out in the landscape I use the printed image as a backdrop for my collage work.  I then invent a scene inspired by my experiences and magnified by my vivid imagination. I use paper, paint, ink, and pen to create moths and butterflies to fill these scenes bending the paper to make them three dimensional.  Once framed in shadow boxes the pieces have the look of a diorama of the forest landscape.

To see images of the finished collage work click here to visit the gallery. 

I am booking gallery shows and working on some other venues to display this new work... Details to come!

In the meantime, if you have any questions for me or about these pieces please feel free to contact me.