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Artist Statement

My artwork, full of playful and dynamic expressions of form and flora, invites you along on a forest wander.  Using leaf print, brush strokes, drips, and splatters, I share my impressions of the enchanting beauty and humbling complexity of the forest floor. Presented with a contemporary twist to offer a fresh perspective, my work explores a new relationship with our natural world, full of admiration and shared resilience. 


I believe creativity is an essential bridge for us to rediscover the interconnection of our world's human and nonhuman communities. Through mindful observation, creative practice, and community collaboration we can deepen our understanding and connections, utilizing the capacity of both imagination and ecology to restore wellbeing and energize individual action towards a positive future.  If the tiniest of organisms can work together to contribute to the health of this beautiful landscape, then we can too.

Visit my art shop to see my most current artwork.

My Story

As early as I can remember, art and nature have always provided me with moments of rejuvenation. They give my dyslexic mind time to rest, explore, and refocus, free from the challenges of our modern world. Art became my voice early in life leading me to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After completing my BFA degree and having fallen in love with the natural beauty of the region, I remained there to create art, explore the landscape, and participate in the area's vibrant arts community. For almost 20 years I worked in shops, galleries, and as a museum preparator. During this time, my desire to build a more direct connection with art and nature became a necessity.


In 2018 my partner and I left our downtown conveniences for a cozy home hidden among 54 acres of woods in Southern Vermont. In this inspiring place we are learning how we can be humble stewards of the forest and strengthen its resiliency for an uncertain future. We are striving to live a life in harmony with nature both in action and aesthetics. And now, fully immersed in this wonderful landscape, I express my creativity in collaboration with nature, both in the studio and within the landscape itself.

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Artist headshot outdoors wearing a black Ologies baseball cap with a praying mantis on her head
Image of artist in the woods.
Artist in the studio painting a work on paper on the table surrounded by art materials.
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