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My art, full of playful and dynamic expressions of form and flora, invites you along on a forest wander. Using leaf print, brush strokes, drips, and splatters I share my admiration for the enchanting beauty and humbling complexity of the forest floor. Creating unique little ecosystems within time and space as I explore a deeper understanding of myself and my place within the living landscape.

My Story


As early as I can remember art and nature have always provided me with moments of rest and rejuvenation. The time and space for my dyslexic mind to play free from the complexities of modern life. Art became my focus early in school leading me to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After completing my BFA degree and having fallen in love with the natural beauty of the region, I remained there to create art, explore the landscape, and immerse myself in the area's vibrant arts community. For almost 20 years I worked mostly in gallery and museum exhibit preparation. During this time my desire to strengthen the connection of my artistic practice with nature became a necessity.


In 2018 my partner and I left our downtown conveniences for a cozy home hidden among 54 acres deep in the forest of Southern Vermont. In this inspiring place I learn about the area's ecosystem and how I can contribute to its future resilience in a world of uncertainty. Using my creativity as a bridge towards a greater understanding and connection to the larger living planet.


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