My Work

Deep in the woods of Vermont I create art that celebrates nature.  Mixed media art and handmade cards that reflect the colors and textures in the plants that surround me.  Combining acrylic paint, pigmented ink, and pen I form elements of painting, drawing, hand printed leaves, and collage.  These materials allow me to capture the enchanting moments and humbling complexity of this ecosystem as I explore the forest.  By sharing my art, and my love for nature, I hope to inspire more people to actively and thoughtfully protect the natural world. 

Artist headshot outdoors wearing a black Ologies baseball cap with a praying mantis on her head
Image of artist in the woods.
Artist in the studio painting a work on paper on the table surrounded by art materials.

My Story

As early as I can remember my creativity was energized by a fascination with plants and animals.  Art became my voice early on in school and lead me to the University of Massachusetts where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1999.  Having fallen in love with the natural beauty of the region, I remained; to create art, explore the landscape, and work with various art venues in Western Massachusetts.  During this time, my desire to build a more direct connection to nature became a necessity.  In 2018 my partner and I decided to leave our downtown conveniences for a cozy home hidden among 54 acres of woods in Southern Vermont.  In this wonderfully inspiring place we learn; how to improve habitat for wildlife, be humble stewards of the forest, and strengthen resiliency for our uncertain future.  Striving to live a more harmonious life with nature both in action and aesthetics.  I aspire to create in collaboration with nature, expressing my creativity in the studio and in the land itself.