Small wood sided house on a wooded hillside
View of a old wood fence, field, and rolling green mountains.
The Stratus Field Project
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We purchased this little ranch house on 54 acres in Vermont with one big dream.  A life dedicated to the stewardship of nature.  Our goal; to create one beautiful example of a resilient future.  A modest home seamlessly nestled in the forest surrounded by an inspiring natural landscape teeming with wildlife.  So far, our first three years flew by with a long list of home repairs, catching up on property maintenance, and energy efficient upgrades.  


Now, with guidance from our forester, Vermont Fish and Wildlife, and other habitat specialists we have begun our work.  Here is where we are so far...


Habitat Management Activities 2020 - 2030


  • Invasive plants: Identification, removal, and continuous management of harmful invasive plants is crucial to ensuring future ecosystem health and diversity.


  • Walking Trails: We have begun adding clear trails along property lines and other key areas so we can easily make routine observations and enjoy the woods without damaging sensitive ecology. 


  • Water Quality: Safeguarding our headwaters and tributaries as they make their way to the Connecticut River.  Managing areas of erosion and road run-off is key to protecting soil health as we anticipate more frequent and intense weather events.


  • Forest habitat: Planning has begun for minimal forestry practices with the goal of improving forest structure and diversity to benefit wildlife.  


  • Old Field/Early Successional Habitat:  Increasing the variety of beneficial shrubs and herbaceous perennials in an existing 4 acre grass field.  Areas of this type are in decline in the region and provide important opportunities for wildlife. 


Future plans?

Once we get the initial improvements done we hope to consider ways to include more community activities.  Native plant seed sharing and/or seasonal open house events are just a few ideas we have in mind.


Would you like to help with our Stratus Field Project?


Connecting Art to Nature:

By sharing my love for nature through my artwork,

I hope to inspire more people to actively and thoughtfully

protect the natural world. 


A portion of sales from my Art Shop  directly support

our work in habitat stewardship and conservation. 


Would you like to do more for nature?

The following are just a few of my favorite resources:

Native Plant Trust

Xerces Society

U.S. Fish and Wildlife

The Nature Conservancy


You can even help nature right in your backyard!

Check out Doug Tallamy’s work Homegrown National Park

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