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View of a old wood fence, field, and rolling green mountains.

Our goal is to create one beautiful example of a resilient future.  A modest home seamlessly nestled in the forest and a life dedicated to beneficial coexistence with all life.  Acknowledging the history of this place and learning to be part of a future full of empathy, healing, and humble stewardship.  


We have much to learn about this amazing ecosystem and our relationship to it.  For starters, our work will focus on improving habitat, removing invasive plants, and safeguarding water quality.

Would you like to help with our Stratus Field Project?

A portion of sales from my Art Shop directly fund the purchase and planting of native plants in our early successional habitat.  This woodland clearing with shrubs and herbaceous perennials is a crucial feature for insects and animals.  Habitat of this type are in decline in the region and are so important to sustain healthy and resilient forests. 


The Stratus Field Project
Monarch butterfly on a thistle flower in a field.
Image of a woodland stream flowing down mossy rocks.
Barred owl in the snow.

Would you like to do more for nature?

The following are just a few of my favorite resources:


Native Plant Trust

Xerces Society

The Nature Conservancy

Visit the Art Shop to support my work.

You can even help nature right in your backyard!

Check out Doug Tallamy’s work

Homegrown National Park

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