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Resilience: Art, Nature, and Community

This modern world and our uncertain future can often leave us feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes, the daily challenges we face make us feel like we can’t contribute to anything meaningful.  

One of the most powerful actions I focus on is building resilience. It gives us the ability to make ourselves, the planet and our communities more adaptable in the face of adversity. By strengthening resilience, I can look forward with more courage and optimism.

In my life and creative practice, I explore the powerful interconnection of art, nature, and community to help me build resilience.
What if we all helped build resilience within ourselves, our communities, and our environment?
What actions can contribute to this future?
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Building Resilience with Art:  


  • Creativity connects us with ourselves, refreshing our minds and spirit.

  • Art connects us with others, strengthening relationships.

  • Art improves communication by helping us understand others.

  • Art strengthens our community by building cultural value & prosperity.


Make, share, and support creativity however you can.

Building Resilience with Nature:


  • Spending time in nature rejuvenates us.

  • Connecting with nature gives us perspective.

  • Nature teaches us humility and balance.

  • Supporting diverse human and nonhuman communities builds strength.


Explore, understand, and support our planet.

Building Resilience in Communities:


  • Connecting with others creates compassion.

  • Practicing kindness can inspire others.

  • Sharing your time and talents adds richness to the world.

  • Supporting others builds stronger communities.


Be kind, we are all in this together.

You can help to support both human and nonhuman communities in so many ways.  Every little positive action helps to build a brighter future.
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